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Looking to take the stress of running your social media accounts off of your hands completely!!! Then this package is for you!

Social Media Management- 

Services Include:


  • Social Media Strategy

  • Management across 3 Social Media Platforms - Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • 30 Posts Monthly

  • Posh Content Creation and Curation- Filming, Photography, Graphic Design, Editing

  • Visual Branding/ Buiding the Brand's visual Identity- Managing theme, look, feel and over all visual appearance of the brands pages.

  • Planning and Management of Social Media Campaigns, Contests and Competitions.

  • Managing Social media advertising via Facebook ads, Instagram ads



Content will also be created for Instagram/

Facebook stories.


*Social Media Ad Management does not include advertising budget

Social Media Marketing is now one of the most gauranteed and reliable methods of marketing. Do not  Ignore it. Be Active where your customers are. 

You Focus on Growing your Business, Let us Make Your

Online Presence ROCK!!!

We believe through Social Media, a small business can brand themselves in such a way that they appear Refined, Classy and International! There by attracting the right kind of customers and audience.

Let us help you achieve this on a budget! At Mazbri Creative, we don't just help you manage your socials, We are key on brand identity! we want to make sure you stand out with the use of amazing and engaging visual content.

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