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Hi,    I’m Thelma Briggs and I love beautiful visuals, Instagram and branding!


A couple of year ago I heard these words in my mentorship class ‘growing a brand that lives for 100 years’ and since then I’ve been a little bit obsessed. Obsessed with why great brands are so unique, why it seems like great brands have a cult of loyal customers and brand advocates, why some brands can connect with people on such an emotional level and why some brands seem so stuck!


Now I’m on a mission, a mission to grow my brand, help other people grow great brands and through content, inspire young people in Nigeria to do great work and open their minds to bigger possiblies.


Why I love Instagram


Instagram has made it a whole lot easier for any business to grow a cult following and build a lifestyle around their product or service.


Allowing businesses visually express their unique brand identity without having to break the bank or role out millions($N) with no track-able ROI


Allowing a small business owner not just dream big but actually connect deeply and emotionally with millions of people around the world have an opportunity to scale beyond his/her location.


 I want to work with forward thinking businesses, helping them to build great brands on Online.


My Background is in graphic design, editing and video production, so yes Visual/content marketing is my jam!!


Trough content marketing (the best form of marketing in this online/mobile era), I want to help you connect with your community and turn your online business into a strong UN-ignorable Brand.


If you want to learn more about building a strong brand through social media, do check out my youtube page.

Every Thursday  I post videos about  content marketing and  visual branding.

Stay tuned!


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