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We help you create beautiful lifestyle imagery and videos that properly showcase your products, reflects your brand's identity and gets the attention of your audience! At a rate that is waaay cheaper than you'd pay a photographer for product shots (and a lot more creative too...if i may add)

Content Variety:
Model Propped
Flay Laying/
Scenery Shots
Anchor 1

Brief –A Creative discussion about your brands vibe, voice and personality and the impression you want to create through your content. (Creative discussion can be done online or in person)

Mood Board-We send you a mood board encompassing Colours, Themes, Props and ideas similar to what we want to create for you, to ensure that we clearly understand your goals.

Creation – For a period of two weeks we work on taking the pictures, creating content and editing

Review & Delivery- You review and can request for corrections in the edit (Brightness, Colour tone, Saturation, Speed etc) if need be. Upon approval of the content and final payment, the Hi-Res content would be send to you. 



1- Is the social media plan customisable? (E.g. I want 30 popup videos)

Ans-  Yes it is, you can choose the specific type of content you want but a new price structure will be quoted based on your demands

2- I'm in another state, how do i use your services?

Ans-  Technology has helped us break that location barrier. You simply delivery your products to our address (through a courier service)          and all other creative planing will be done online.

3- Does the visual content come with captions?

Ans-   No it doesn't, (that service is not available for now) its just photography.

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