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Social Media Management Pricing

Service Offerings

Standard Package



Standard plus Package



Lifesytle Package



- 30 Posts Monthly ( 1 post a day or as desired by Brand) 
- Management across 3 Social Media Platforms (Instagram, Facebook andTwitter)
- Studio Based Product Photography 
-- Lifestyle and  Location Based Product Photography (T&C Apply)
- Creation of  Engagement, Educative and Informative  posts   and slides
- 4 Gif stop motion animation 
- Managing theme, look, feel and over all visual appearance of the brands pages.
- Planning and Management of Social Media Campaigns, Contests and Competitions.
- Quarterly Social Media content Strategy and analytics
-  Managing Social media advertising via Facebook ads, Instagram ads ( T&C apply)
- Scheduled Photography at client’s shop or office( T and C apply)
- Model Propped photography
-1 Studio Based social media Video.

Content Breakdown.

Studio Based Photography- Every package comes with gorgeous photography stylings around the product, the photograph is only done in a studio set up. Please note that the photo are simple format , requiring simpler set ups to  ensure mass creation for continuos posts. If You will love to have more adventurous photography or you own a luxury product with a specific photography need, a separate quote will be created for you.  

Model Propped Photography-  These are simple format photos that include  faceless models (just featuring their hands and legs or other parts of the body) or full models (including the face). Please note the package does not cover modeling fees, make up , hair etc. The package only covers photographing the model. 

Lifestyle and Location based Photography-  These types of photography require more real life props that maybe expensive to purchase and more real life locations that may be challenging to shoot at.   The Pricing starts at N200,000 but will be adjusted to suit specific demands of the clients.

Please note the fees cover our cost for content creation, but not the cost implications of acquiring the locations for the shoot.

 A Separate props budget will also be set for luxury or international brands that require specific photography stagings.

4 Gif Animation-  These are simple format 5 to 10  seconds stop motion animation or boomerange style content. A separate rate card exists if you require more story telling animation (these require a lot more production work)

Studio Based Social Media Videos-  These are simple format videos that have now become popular on social media, things like cooking videos, make up or skin care videos etc.  The package covers creating the video but does not cover additional expenses that may come with the video. eg Models, make up and wardrobe  , cooking ingredients etc.

Engagement, Educative and Informative posts-  These are fun posts like memes or educative slides that meant for engagement purposes


Curated Content-  This include sharing content from other creators that are in line with the brands vibe and also crediting the original creator.

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